7 Upcoming Kdramas Airing In August 2020

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August is here and this means that many kdramas are set to wrap up this month; they will be followed by other kdramas that have been on fans’ radar for a while.

Today, we’re here to sum up upcoming kdramas airing in August 2020.

 “Love is Annoying, But I Hate Being Lonely”

The upcoming MBC drama is led by Kim So Eun and Ji Hyun Woo.

The plot: the drama tells the story of young people who reside at a co-living house. They want to date but don’t want to be serious; they’d rather be carefree but hate being lonely.

Ji Hyun Woo is a psychiatrist, a handsome capable man but he’s unable to fall in love due to past trauma, he meets a woman (played by Kim So Eun) who is a freelancer copy editor, nice to those who are nice and harsh to those who do bad, she begins to live at house with other people and falls in love with Ji Hyun Woo.

Air date: August 11


The plot: The highly anticipated upcoming project features 8 film directors with each person directing a 1 episode TV special. The genre of each episode deals with science fiction, including AI, AR (augmented reality), VR, and robot games.

The project confirmed a star-studded lineup of actors including Super Junior’s Choi Siwon, Lee Yeon Hee, EXID’s Hani, Moon So Ri, Kim Bo Ra, David Lee, Uee, Lee Shin Young and Lee Dong Hwi.

Air date: August 14

“Stranger 2”

Considered one of the best tvN dramas, “Stranger 2” marks the second season of the hit series which aired its first season in 2017.

The plot: The drama tells the story the prosecutor’s office and the police who find themselves at odds with each other. The prosecutors, including elite prosecutor Woo Tae Ha (Choi Moo Sung), want to fully control the investigations, while the police, including Choi Bit (Jeon Hye Ji), tries to carry out investigations independently.

Under such intense atmosphere, Prosecutor Hwang Shi Mok (Cho Seung Woo) and Detective Han Yeo Jin (Bae Doo Na) come together to find the truth behind a hidden case.

Air date: August 15

“When I Was Most Beautiful”

The highly anticipated upcoming MBC drama will mark actor Jisoo’s first male lead role, fans are excited that he is not playing the second lead role again.

The plot: “When I Was Most Beautiful” tells the heartbreaking love story about two brothers who love the same woman. Its led by Im Soo Hyang, Jisoo, Ha Seok Jin, and Hwang Seung Eon

Air date: August 19

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol”

The highly anticipated KBS drama marks rising actor Lee Jae Wook first ever lead role, he’s set to star opposite Go Ara.

The plot: Go Ara will play the role of a pianist who has a bright personality, however, something caused her to go bankrupt, she’s now broke and frustrated with her situation. She meets a man named Sun Woo Joon (played by Lee Jae Wook), he doesn’t care much about what others think of him but has a warm heart, he’s free spirited and doesn’t have any goal. He works many part time jobs.

The two characters end up meeting at a small private piano academy LaLa Land.

Air date: August 26


Probably one of the most anticipated kdramas of 2020, “Alice” marks the return of actor Joo Won for his first project since his military discharge, he is joined by veteran actress Kim Hee Seon.

The plot: The upcoming SBS drama tells the story of a detective (played by Joo Won) who doesn’t show emotions, while investigating a murder case he realizes the existence of time travelers.

The time travelers use a space called “Alice” to come to the present day from the future. The detective tries to prevent terrible things from happening through Alice. He meets a woman named Yoon Tae Yi (Kim Hee-Seon) who died in the past; she is a genius physicist and holds a key to time travel. They work together to unravel the secret of time travel and come to the conclusion that there is a secret behind Yoon Tae Yi.

Air date: August 28

“Do You Like Brahms?”

The plot: “Do You Like Brahms?” follows students majoring in music at a prestigious university. Park Eun Bin will play the role of Chae Song Ah, a fourth-year student majoring in violin who is seven years older than her fellow students. Kim Min Jae will take on the role of Park Joon Young, a genius pianist who has won at multiple international competitions.

Air date: August 31

Which one of these  kdramas airing in August are you most excited to see?

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