Jeon Somi Talks About How BLACKPINK Lisa Greatly Helped Her Out For Her Newest Comeback Choreography

On July 23, Somi appeared as a guest of fellow labelmate Zion.T’s show “SAP.”

During the interview, Zion.T talked about how Somi seemed to have a difficult time because of the choreography and asked what BLACKPINK Lisa thought of it.

Somi revealed that Lisa actually helped her out a lot with the choreography, she said,

“Lisa told me the choreography for this song is really good. I think she really sees something in it.”

She also said that Lisa personally thought the choreography for her newest track was way better than the one for “BIRTHDAY,” her debut track. Somi added that there were two versions for the choreography and Lisa helped her decided,

“Lisa gave me a definitive opinion while I was still deciding.”

Lisa and Somi are known for being close friends, Somi had also revealed in her recent instagram live that Lisa and Jisoo paid her a visit to the set of her MV shooting.

What did you think of the choreography of the song? Do you like it?

My Personal Thoughts

If we compare “What You Waiting For” choreo to “BIRTHDAY,” the answer is pretty obvious. Somi’s newest track is better on first listen than her debut track.

I’ve seen the comeback stage above and I can sense that Somi improved but she still has a long way to go. She still doesn’t capture the stage and her dancing isn’t as sharp as it should be. She also seems hesitant and her facial expressions in some scenes are weird as if she’s pausing to show a certain expression before carrying on with the dance. I don’t sense Somi has that eagerness to perform on stage yet, could be because she was nervous as well.

The dance isn’t bad on its own but there is also nothing special about it, nothing memorable. The song and the choreo are both okay but if we compare her comeback to any of the current solo female artists comebacks, it doesn’t even remotely hold up.

When you’re a solo and no longer part of a group, you’re on your own and its definitely a challenge, this is why Somi should be coming back more frequently to strengthen herself and gain experience. The current way YG manages her won’t do her good in the long run at all.

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