BTS Jungkook Personally Apologizes For The Itaewon Outing Controversy


BTS Jungkook has personally apologized for the Itaewon outing controversy to fans!

On June 6, Jungkook joined Suga as a guest on his radio show “Honey FM 06.13.”

Towards the end of the show, Jungkook apologized to fans and spoke up about Itaewon controversy for the first time in person.

Previously, Big Hit had issued an apology after Dispatch reported that four idols from the famous 97-liners were out and about in Itaewon during the pandemic. The boys received lots of backlash for their actions, two of them, Jaehyun and Eun Woo issued personal apology letters to fans aside from their labels’ official statements.

Jungkook talked about the incident and how he felt to have hurt his fans, he said,

“Since this is the first time I was able to communicate with ARMY, I felt nervous before it began… and there was something I wanted to say, because of my recent actions I think many people have been upset with me and hurt by my actions.

I felt very apologetic to those who have had difficulties because of the current situation, to those who are working hard everywhere and even more so to my BTS hyungs. I also felt especially apologetic to my ARMY, because of me, I think they’ve had a hard time so my heart hurts too.

He added,

I’ve been thinking about myself deeply recently. I also talked a lot with my hyungs, and I looked back and reflected on myself a lot. I wanted to tell everyone personally that through a live broadcast.

From now on, I’ll become a Jungkook that thinks more deeply and acts carefully in every moment, whenever it is, wherever it is.”

Following the broadcast, ARMY began trending #ArmyStillWithJungkook to express their thoughts on his live apology. You can check out the Vlive from here.

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