[BREAKING] BLACKPINK Has Officially Set A New YouTube Record For The Most Views EVER In The First 24 Hours

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YouTube has finally confirmed it!

After 24 hours of “How You Like That” release, the MV reached approx. 82.4 million views. This was not only BLACKPINK’s best record to date but also possibly be the new best record for all music videos on YouTube. As a reminder, YouTube’s official views count differs from that of the count you see on the screen as you watch the video.

Fans had been waiting for YouTube’s official tally and it’s finally here!

According to a Variety report on June 29, BLACKPINK’s 24-hour view count for “How You Like That” was confirmed by YouTube to be 86.3 million, a lot more than the number fans saw on the screen. It had also set the record for the most-viewed YouTube Premiere with 1.66 million concurrent viewers at its peak.

This means that BLACKPINK has officially broken BTS’s records; they previously held the title for the official highest record for most views in the first 24 hours with “Boy With Luv” which had recorded 74.6 million views, while BTS’s “ON” held the record for the most-viewed YouTube Premiere with 1.54 million concurrent viewers at its peak.

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Congratulations to BLACKPINK!

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