39-years-old Actress Jang Nara Explains Why She’s Not Married Yet During Press Conference Of Her New Drama

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Jang Nara has recently opened up about why she hasn’t gotten married yet during the press conference of her new drama.

On May 13, the main cast of tvN’s new series “Oh My Baby” attended the press conference to promote the drama. “Oh My Baby” tells the story of a single 39-years-old woman. She works as a deputy manager at the parenting magazine company “The Baby.” Despite her appearance, she hasn’t dated for the past 10 years, regardless; she still wants to have a baby. She becomes involved with three men.

During the press conference, she explained why she took on the role. Jang Nara said that she thinks fellow women who are in a similar age as her character will be able to relate, which is why she took on the role.

Jang Nara also said this about her character,

“Jang Ha Ri is honest and fun. We have different personalities, but I thought it’ll be fun to play her role. We have differences. I didn’t like children, they’re cute and lovable but it didn’t make me think that I wanted to get married quickly and have a baby.

This drama made me think about that sincerely. It’s a good project, but still, it can make you cry.”

Jang Nara also talked about herself more and how she’s someone who doesn’t believe in marriage and added that it seems that she wasn’t able to get married because she’s constantly working,

“I still wonder if I should get married or not, but if I meet a really good precious person, I’d like to get married and have a healthy family. It depends on who the person is.”

“Oh My Baby” aired its first episode last night.

What do you think of Jang Nara’s explanation?

You can check out the press conference of her drama below:

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