Rising Actor Lee Jae Wook Finally Leading His First Project, Joins Go Ara For Upcoming Drama


Rising Actor Lee Jae Wook and Go Ara have been confirmed to lead the upcoming KBS drama “Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol.”

The happy news comes after it was announced that both actors were positively considering offers to lead the drama. The news was confirmed on April 27, both actors confirmed they accepted the casting offers.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” is a rom-com about a pianist named Goo La La who hits rock bottom after her family’s sudden downfall. She finds her way to La La Land, a piano academy in a small village, there she meets and fall in love with the tough and mysterious Sun Woo Joon, he hides lots of secrets.

Go Ara will take on the role of Goo La La, a bright and happy character that remains the same despite her difficult circumstances. Lee Jae Wook will be playing the role of Sun Woo Joon, a man who takes various part-time jobs and wanders aimlessly without purpose or goal.

“Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol” is scheduled to premiere some time in the second half of 2020.

It will mark Lee Jae Wook first leading role since his debut as an actor a couple of years ago.

Are you excited about the upcoming drama?

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My personal thoughts

This is kinda repetitive… So far, the plot description isn’t intriguing aside from the fact that the leading man isn’t rich. I don’t know what to make of the bright female character that has been through rough shit but remains bright. I mean, I’ve seen similar characters with the same description countless times already. This is also not the first time Go Ara played such a character, albeit in a different setting.

Go Ara projects are hits or misses to me, sometimes she picks well, other times it feels like she’s just settling for an average script.

Lee Jae Wook, on the other hand, has made interesting choices thus far. I didn’t like his last project with Park Min Young, more on that here, but I like how she portrays his characters and brings a certain charm to them.

It’ll be interesting to see how this turns out, hope its not just another rom-com.


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