Ku Hye Sun’s Contract With Her Estranged Husband Agency Has Been Terminated On The Condition She Pays For Damages, She Responds To Their Statement


Ku Hye Sun’s Contract with HB Entertainment has been terminated at the request of the actress.

Ku Hye Sun previously signed with her husband Ahn Jae Hyun’s agency HB Entertainment in June 2019. In August of that same year, Ku Hye Sun began speaking about her divorce plans with Ahn Jae Hyun, she stated through multiple social media posts that she wants her contract with HB Entertainment to be terminated for what she claims to be them siding with Ahn Jae Hyun over her in their divorce issue. She also claimed that her husband had spoken about their marriage issues with the CEO and it damaged her trust in HB Entertainment.

Aside from numbered official statements, HB Entertainment didn’t address Ku Hye Sun’s accusations, and on April 29, the finally revealed that her contract has been terminated.

In their official statement they explain that Ku Hye Sun asked to terminate her contract and on September 11, 2019, she filed an application for arbitration with the Korean Commercial Arbitration Board.

Due to that, the agency states they’ve decided they could no longer maintain their relationship with her due to ‘her breach of contract and our loss in trust in Ku Hye Sun,’ as a result, they filed a ‘counter application to obtain compensation for damages.’

The verdict came in, and according to the arbitral award on April 21, 2020, the reasons for termination requested by Ku Hye Sun were not accepted, her contract was to be terminated on the subject of paying the agency for fixed damages.

They declined to share exact details about the arbitration since it was carried privately. They also finally explained why they couldn’t mention it and it was due to the ongoing case. They warned that ‘malicious comments that are based on false information’ are subject to criminal punishment.

Ku Hye Sun didn’t stay silent following the release of their statement, she mentioned something that they didn’t even bring up in their statement and that is that a reassessment is ongoing.

In an Instagram post on the same day, Ku Hye Sun wrote,

“Since things were omitted from the judgment, a reassessment is ongoing. So please don’t worry everyone. Sleep well!”


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