TXT Yeonjun Has The Cutest Reaction To BTS Jimin Nickname For Their Group

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Those BTS x TXT reactions are making fans uwu!

Earlier this week, BTS Jimin held a V Live broadcast from the Big Hit Entertainment building and used a studio typically used by TXT. While he was searching for a piece of paper to write down movie titles on, he stumbled upon something that appears to be written by the TXT members, he cutely referred to them as ‘the babies.’

He said,

“I think this all belongs to the babies. There’s paper but I think it’s Yeonjun’s. I don’t think I can use it. I can’t tear this out since it belongs to the babies.”


A couple of days ago (on March 28), Yeonjun went on V Live and reacted to Jimin’s nickname of the group, he said,

“I’ve seem Jimin a lot recently at the studio. He was working on something, and he was using the studio I use. I briefly had gone in to take my bag, and Jimin said, sorry, did you use this?’ so I told him, ‘no, no, we were practicing our choreography.’”

Yeonjun says his heart fluttered a little when he heard that Jimin calls them ‘babies,’ adding,

“It made me realize that even if I am the oldest of the group, I am still a lot younger than BTS, and to them, I still look cute. So even if it felt a bit strange, I really liked it.”


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What do you think of Jimin’s nickname for TXT?

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