Goo Hara’s Mother, Who Abandoned Her When She Was 9 years old, Demands Half Of Her Inheritance, Her Brother Isn’t Happy

Goo Hara’s family will be going up against each other in court!

It’s been revealed through news outlets that Goo Hara’s family is split about how her inheritance should be divided after Goo Hara’s birth mother demanded half of her inheritance. The mother had abandoned both Hara and her brother since they were kids; the two were raised by their grandma while their father went around the country to provide for them.

Goo Hara’s father and brother aren’t happy about the mother’s claims, the father had already given his son his half, it’s been reported that the father said,

“She abandoned her young children and left. What right does she have to Hara’s assets?”

The brother and the father will fight the mother’s claim in court. Goo Hara’s brother stated that their mother left them when Hara was 9 years old; he says his sister fought the trauma of being left behind all her life. The brother also says their father acted as her guardian after she debuted as well.

The mother had also lawyered up and claims that as Goo Hara’s mother she should receive 50%.

The suit was filed with the Gwangju Family Court against the division of the inheritance on March 3 basing if off on Article 1008 of the Civil Law , which states that the court should consider the importance of those who have contributed to maintaining and increasing the wealth of the deceases person.

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