Did You Know That BTS Jin And Actor Yoo Seung Ho Were Friends? Jin Supports His New Drama


BTS Jin sends a coffee truck to support Actor Yoo Seung Ho on the set of his tvN drama “Memorist.”

On March 26, Actor Yoo Seung Ho posted photos of himself posing in front of a coffee truck which was gifted by Jin, the large banner reads,

“World star Jin dedicates this to the great actor Yoo Seung Ho.”

Yoo Seung Ho captioned his post with,

“To world star Jin, I’ll enjoy the coffee.

From great actor Yoo Seung Ho.”


Yoo Seung Ho is currently leading the tvN Wednesday-Thursday drama “Memorist” alongside actress Lee Se Young. Some fans were surprised to see this sweet interaction between Jin and Yoo Seung Ho since they didn’t know the two were friends.

Are you surprised to learn that they’re friends?

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