Why Fans Were Surprised By Red Velvet Seulgi’s Recent Instagram Update With Actor Kang Ha Neul

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Fans are both happy and surprised to learn something new about Red Velvet Seulgi!

The beloved idol is very active on Instagram, where she shares snippets of her day to day activities. Fans love communicating with her on her account.

Her recent update has been making headlines because its something fans didn’t expect.

On February 19, Red Velvet Seulgi shared photos to her Instagram story with actor Kang Ha Neul. She attended the play “Fable of Fantasy,” where Kang Ha Neul is currently starring.

She shared one photo with Kang Ha Neul alone and another one with the other cast member, she also mentioned the title of the play on the photos.

Fans are surprised to learn that Seulgi was friends with Kang Ha Neul since they both work in different fields and haven’t interacted so closely before. However, considering Seulgi’s vibrant and social character it’s no surprise she has many many friends within her industry and outside of it.

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Check out the photos she shared below:



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