Actor Lee Yi Kyung Has This Surprising Connection To Red Velvet

Actor Lee Yi Kyung is a huge Red Velvet fan and during his recent variety show appearance, he revealed that he has a surprising connection to them.

On January 25 episode of tvN’s “Amazing Saturday – Do Re Mi Market,” actors Jung Joon Ho and Lee Yi Kyung appeared as guests.

In the first round, MC Boom told the cast and guests that the first song is by Red Velvet and talked about how the cast had previously succeeded in guessing Red Velvet songs, largely thanks to Girls’ Day’s Hyeri.

Hyeri then went on to sing a bit of Red Velvet to Jung Joon Ho, who was taken aback by the weird lyrics. Lee Yi Kyung chimed in and revealed that he has a connection to the group; he revealed that he’s currently living in Red Velvet’s previous dorm.

Lee Yi Kyung was asked if he knows the group songs, to which he confidently revealed that he knows their most recent hit track “Psycho,” luckily for him, it turned out to be the song for the next round.

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Lee Yi Kyung revealed,

“Before I came today, I was at the gym and looked at the lyrics directly.”

You can check out the clip where he talks about this below:

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