Popular idol trainee Huang Zhibo of Yuehua Entertainment has been allegedly taking advantage of people’s needs in such a terrible time and allegedly committing fraud.

Huang Zhibo has been arrested on charges of fraud back in February 5 according to an exclusive report from Xportnews. He wasn’t initially named in the arrest, but netizens figured out it was Huang Zhibo based on his identification number, birthday and other things.

According to various Chinese news outlets reports, Huang Zhibo had allegedly accepted about ¥280,000 ($40,110) as an advance payment for purchases of facemasks but he didn’t show up at the agreed-upon meeting place to hand them over. It was revealed that he didn’t originally have any masks, to begin with.

China is currently struggling due to the Coronavirus and facemasks are hard to come by. The suspicions were confirmed by Yuehua Entertainment after they issued a statement to confirm that Huang Zhibo is under investigation and that his trainee contract has been terminated.

The agency says Huang Zhibo is involved in the case of alleged sales fraud and confirmed they were cooperating with police, they ended their statement confirming his contract has been terminated and apologized for his actions.

Huang Zhibo had a bright future ahead of him, he was born in 1999 and joined Yuehua Entertainment in 2019 and then appeared on the Chinese survival program All For One, where he ranked 9th place.

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