Jang Moon Bok’s Ex-Girlfriend Exposes Him In A Tell-All Shocking Post, He And His Agency Issue A Response


Someone claiming to be Jang Moon Bok’s Ex-Girlfriend has written a community post about her relationship with him and its has gone viral.

The post was uploaded on February 11, the woman claims to have dated Jang Moon Bok since October of 2019 until recently. She explains that she met him through mutual friends. She claims he was friendly towards her at a gathering and made sexual advances towards her after he helped her tie her shoelaces, she says,

“he told me, ‘should I untie something else, too?’”

She says he continued to lean his shoulder against her and even wrapped his arm around her waist during their first gathering. She says she tried to scoot as far away as she could but didn’t put up any resistance,

“I didn’t even receive an apology from him even when we were done drinking.”

Despite that, she explained that they exchanged numbers and by the third time they met, they met up for drinks with friends,

“When we were the last people there, Jang Moon Bok asked me for a kiss and to have sex. When I said I didn’t want to have sex unless we were dating, he suggested we start dating, so we did.

Even when I was tired, he would demand sex, and saying shameless things about his penis being ‘unhappy.’”

The woman also claims Jang Moon Bok asked her for pocket money. She says she happened to have looked through his phone when it was unlocked and saw that he lied about only inviting her to his Christmas concert when he was also inviting other women and only purchased a cake for her birthday because his friends pressured him while he sent birthday mobile gift cards to other women for their birthdays.

The post:


The woman says it took a lot of courage to post this and she hopes by posting it others won’t fall victim to him.

Following that, the post went viral and the agency of Jang Moon Bok issued a response stating that it is true Jang Moon Bok and that woman had dated for about three to four months and are no longer together.

However, since it involved the artist’s personal life, they refrained from commenting on the details of the situation and asked fans to not speculate about the artist private life.

Jang Moon Bok then personally took to social media to write,

“We fought a lot in such a short time. You think that your doubts and chains on me were good memories? The pain will stay with me for a while… You shouldn’t have crossed the line like that just because you like it. It seems that our encounters end here. Even if I liked you, it didn’t mean that I will forgive you for everything you’ve done. I’m at a loss for words.”


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