[TRENDING] H.O.T Kangta And Actress Jung Yu Mi Confirmed To Be Dating

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SM has confirmed that H.O.T Kangta and Actress Jung Yu Mi are indeed dating!

News outlet Market News has reported for the second time that H.O.T‘s Kangta and actress Jung Yu Mi are in a relationship. The report was released on February 4.

According to Market News, the couple started to get to know each other through radio broadcast and found common things to do together such as hiking, they eventually developed into lovers.

The surprising thing is that this is not the first time this particular news outlet reported on this couple. Back in August of 2019, they reported on their relationship but SM denied and commented that they’re only friends.

This is also the same news outlet that reported on Heechul and Momo dating news, twice as well.

After checking with their artist, SM confirmed that Kangta and Actress Jung Yu Mi were indeed dating; they’re ‘meeting with good feelings.’ They didn’t comment on any more details regarding the relationship.

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Kangta is 41 years old while Jung Yu Mi is 36 years old.

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