Fans Shocked To Find Out Two Of SMROOKIES Most Popular Female Trainees Have Left The Label


Fans have been suspecting this for a while now but now, it’s been confirmed by SM themselves.

Lami and Koeun were part of SMROOKIES, fans were aware of them because the two had been training at SM for a long period, many suspected the two girls would become part of the upcoming girl group.

However, rumors began to circulate that they left SM after both of them started their personal Instagram account which is something trainees are not allowed to do in most agencies.

SM confirmed the two have left the label indirectly after they removed their names from SMROOKIES Naver page. Fans are surprised and sad at the news; many had hoped the two beautiful talented trainees would make it onto SM’s upcoming girl group.

Wishing Lami and Koeun the best!


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