MONSTA X’s Jooheon Opens Up About His Mental Health Struggles And Why He Feels Weak In An Emotional Letter To Fans


MONSTA X’s Jooheon is making fans tear up following a letter he posted to the group’s official fan café.

Previously, MONSTA X Jooheon took a hiatus to focus on his health, his agency explained that he is dealing with anxiety and is taking a break to focus on getting treatment. MONSTA X is performing as five members for now.

On January 27, he opened up about his mental health and his struggles in an emotional letter to fans he explained that he’s in a “difficult situation” right now. He also explained that he feels very weak right now and is in the middle of taking medicine and focusing on his health.

His open letter expressing how vulnerable he feels right now touched a chord with many people who applauded him for having the courage to open up like this to his fans.

Read his statement below:

Please take care Jooheon, we’ll always be there for you!


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