Former Kpop Idol Comes Out As Bisexual, Reveals She Has A Girlfriend


Former WASSUP member Jiae has surprised fans with her recent announcement.

Jiae revealed through her Instagram Stories that she likes both men and women; she also told fans that she has a girlfriend.

The 24-year-old Kpop idol is one of the very few idols who have ever come out publicly to their fans; this topic is rarely discussed in the idol world since South Korea is a conservative society.

International fans are showing Jiae love and support showering her with positive comments on her Instagram:


As of this writing, it seems that Korean news outlets have not yet picked up on the subject, international fans are curious to see how the public will react to the news, they’re also fearful that Jiae might get criticized for her sexuality.

Jiae is currently active as a singer; she has a YouTube channel where she uploads covers of popular songs. Her group, WASSUP, announced disbandment back in 2019, in her letter to fans she explained that she intends to keep on making music and work hard in a variety of fields.

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