What Will Happen To Red Velvet Future End-Year Festivals Promotions? SM Releases Official Response


SM has released an official statement regarding Red Velvet’s future end-year promotions in the 2019 KBS Song Festival and 2019 MBC Music Festival.

As previously reported, Wendy suffered serious injuries after falling from a stage at the 2019 SBS Gayo Daejeon, the group was unable to join the live show as a result. Wendy is currently at the hospital receiving treatment.

SM released an official statement explaining that Red Velvet will not be performing as a group for these shows; instead, each member will join their individual previously agreed upon collaboration stages, they added,

“Wendy is currently at the hospital receiving treatment, she will focus on treatment until her health is recovered.”

The 2019 KBS Song Festival will be held on December 27, and the 2019 MBC Music Festival will be held on December 31.

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