Orbits are not happy and understandably so!

LOONA are one of the many Kpop groups that are filming for the 2020 Seollal ISAC (Idol Star Athletic Championship). However, a recent video which has gone viral has fans furious demanding for an answer from MBC.

A staff was caught on camera walking up to LOONA Chuu who was among her members in a circle, to reportedly interview her. Instead of calling her name or even tapping her on the shoulder, he decided it’s a good idea to pull her by the hair to grab her attention.

You can definitely see that force was used because Chuu leaned back after having her hair pulled which shows force was used. As you’d expect, Orbits (LOONA fandom name) was NOT okay with this. They started trending this hashtag #아육대_스태프_사과해 which means (ISAC_Staff_Apologize) and tagged MBC’s official account to draw their attention to this issue.

Fans expressed their frustration and anger through the hashtag that quickly rose to the top of Korean trends. Its currently sitting at number one. The fans want an explanation from MBC and an apology from the staff member for his actions.

Check out fans’ tweets below, what do you think of this man’s actions?


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