Park Jimin is another victim of malicious online commenters.

Park Jimin previously posted a couple of photos to her instagram; she wowed fans with her glamorous body, however, some malicious commenters left rather distasteful, disrespectful and sexually harassing comments towards her.


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On October 18, Park Jimin took to her instagram story to share a warning to those netizens, she wrote,

“The sexual harassment DMs that I received about breast implants surgery that I didn’t even get, I will report you. To those who sent me photos of their bodies asking to do it with me, those comparing parts of my body to fruits in the comments, I will report all of your DMs.”

Park Jimin recently parted ways with JYP Entertainment after her contract expired.

What do you think of her statement?


  1. She is so pretty. I thought it was gonna be about Jimin from bts btw . She shouldn’t be treated like this though we get that she is pretty but we don’t have to be creppy about it.


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