Ji Chang Wook has recently opened up about his childhood!

On the latest episode of “Laborhood on Hire,” Ji Chang Wook opened up about his mother (which he rarely does) while talking to Yoo Jae Suk and Im Won Hee. Ji Chang Wook revealed that he’s never lived on his own and that he had always lived with his mother.

He explained,

“My mom raised me alone after my father passed away early on. She went through a lot of hardships when I was younger. Ever since I was young and while growing up, I saw my mom suffer.”

Yoo Jae Suk told Im Won Hee that he’s heard that Ji Chang Wook was a great son, Ji Chang Wook responded,

“While I do try to be a good son to my mom, the best thing I feel that I can do to her isn’t buying things for her but rather [the most important thing] spending time together.

Even though we live together. We don’t spend much time together. I always leave early in the morning and come late at night, during my off-days; I go out with friends and sometimes stay out, so I don’t spend enough time with my mom….

This is why I am trying hard to find things to do with my mother; I think that’s the hardest thing, spending time together.”

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You can check out the clip below, what did you think of what Ji Chang Wook said?