Is BIGBANG T.O.P Done With The Entertainment Industry? Fans Worried After Reading His Comment


BIGBANG T.O.P recent comment on his instagram is gaining buzz!

BIGBANG T.O.P has been discharged from the military not too long ago, since then he’s been regularly uploading to his instagram account mostly with photos related to art.

BIGBANG T.O.P went through a heavily publicized trial for smoking marijuana the trial happened while he was serving the military, he fell out of favor with the Korean public which criticized him for breaking the law.

On a recent post he uploaded on October 11, one Korean netizen commented,

“Don’t ever think of returning to the industry again. Stop posting on instagram and reflect.”

It seems that this comment triggered BIGBANG T.O.P because he responded with,

“Yes! God! [Referring to the fan, as if in mocking tone] I don’t have any thoughts of returning. Just see animal pictures.”

He later deleted his comment but it caught the attention of Korean media, some netizens think he deleted it just in case he wanted to go back to the industry while others think he deleted it to avoid getting criticized for the way he responded which could be considered rude by some.

Meanwhile, VIPs are worried after reading this comment, they wonder if T.O.P plans to return to activities soon or not.


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What do you think of his comment? Do you think he meant what he said?


  1. I think people should leave the man alone. Choi Seung-Hyun aka T.O.P is grown, and he has given enough of himself, to say amd do whatever he wants. Korean people are fxxk’in egg heads, to busy judging people as if they don’t make mistakes…the Bible says ” first take the plank out out own eye, and then you will see clearly to remove the speck from your brother’s eye,” (Matt 7:5). Basically the verse is saykng stop being a HYPOCRITE! I love the Bible because it’s filled with verses like this that are useful in daily like, like “let he who is without sin cast the first stone,” (John 8:7)…

    Anyways, so what he smoked some weed a long time ago…did his consuming weed have anything to do with those that continue try and drag him. Korean people are funny and fake with their brand of love. The way they feel they own these entertainers lives…they don’t owe people anything…I’m with T.O.P I wouldn’t want to return to a unforgiving and fake ass country people either.

    Personally, T.O.P-iss I want you to move to Japan or America, where you’ll be appreciated…please.

    That said T.O.P there are still true fans internationally and in Korea who love you, and can wait fir yiur next big project….keep your head up.

  2. He just smoked marijuana for his Nerves I mean T.O.P has gone through alot and we all know he only gets 3 hours of sleep so there’s that who knows what’s inside his head but hopefully he doesn’t do anything stupid

  3. I am done with people. If you don’t like T.O.P then don’t pay attention to him or what he does on Instagram. Let him express himself through IG. If he doesn’t go back to the entertainment industry that’s fine, I will continue to support him. If people hate him, I would be scared to see how they see some of our celebrities here in America who do a lot worse and still hold their fame. I wish that people stop wasting their energy on hating and use that energy to spread positivity and awareness to important things instead of bringing someone down after they did something that they shouldn’t months or years ago.

  4. If you have followed TOP awhile now to know that he has a lot of sarcasm humor especially on his posts and IG stories. I can’t believe until now Netizens really care about his posts enough to take the time to be negative! I am so glad that he can brush those comments off and go on with his IG life! I am totally enjoying his IG posts full of humor, love of art, random posts of his interests such as animals, insects, sweets, art and his love for American movies! In a side not though, we luu in Benin a world for of negativity and hate! Netizens think they are perfect and that nothing will happen to Kpop celebrities they tend to forget that they are all human and can make mistakes in life. Move in Netizens and have more positive vibes for now on. You will get far in life than instead of bashing!

  5. He just upload his activities on instagram, why you just leave him alone. He is human too. He smokes marijuana not raped any girls. Just give him second change and give him space. If you don’t like him, don’t ever follow him. Sick people.

  6. He’s a friend adult who smoked weed. Big deal he didn’t rape and beat anyone
    Get over yourselves and leave the man alone. God knows he’s been through enough.


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