How Does AOA Seolhyun Feel About Competing With Suzy And Lee Hyeri Currently Airing Dramas?


AOA Seolhyun has shared her thoughts on competing with fellow idol-actresses recently!

AOA Seolhyun along with the main cast of JTBC upcoming drama “My Country” attended the drama press conference which was held on October 2.

At the press conference, she was asked how she felt about returning with her first drama in four years, she said,

“I did feel pressure. Rather than feeling burdened, I really wanted to do my best. The director and fellow actors trusted me and cheered me on, so I was able to film more comfortably.”

During the press conference, Seolhyun was also asked about how she felt with Suzy “Vagabond” and Hyeri’s “Miss Lee” airing around the same time as her upcoming drama, she responded,

“I think that I am always cheering them on since we’re colleagues walking the same path and actors working on projects the same time.”

Seolhyun will particularly go up against Suzy’s “Vagabond,” the two dramas most airing time collide, “My Country” will air its first episode on October 4 at 10:50 pm KST while “Vagabond” airs at 11:00 pm KST. “Vagabond” already aired its first episode three weeks ago and managed to cross the 10% in ratings. “Vagabond” airs on a public channel while “My Country” will air on a cable channel, JTBC, so its expected that the ratings will be expectedly lower for “My Country.”

Meanwhile, Hyeri’s “Miss Lee” airs on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can check out the drama’s press conference below:

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Will you be watching her upcoming drama?


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