Fans Defend Suzy After She Receives Criticism For Supporting Gong Yoo’s Movie


Suzy received backlash for showing support to an upcoming movie based on a novel that’s considered the representative of feminists in South Korea.

Suzy recently signed a contract with Gong Yoo and Jung Yu Mi’s label. On October 22, Suzy posted a picture of the poster of the new movie which premiered today.

She captioned,

“A story of all of us # Kim Ji Young, Born in ’82”

She’s showing support for both her labelmates’ upcoming movie, however, some netizens weren’t happy with her showing support for the movie.

The movie is based on a novel of the same title ‘Kim Ji Young, Born in ’82,’ it’s about an ordinary wife in her 30s named Kim Ji Young, she suffers from depression and faces sexism in her society. The novel was a huge success and sold over 1 million copies. However, the book itself faced backlash for becoming the representative of feminists in South Korea, which is still a sensitive issue and has revolved around many controversial topics in the past.

Despite being criticized, fans stood by her side and defended her from the negative comments she received for showing supports, some said that it’s not only natural that she supports her labelmates, but others also said that she has all the right to post whatever she wants to her Instagram account.

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Previously, Red Velvet Irene and Seo Ji Hye were criticized for reading the novel. Irene was heavily attacked for stating that she read it while on vacation, this even led to some male fans burning her merchandise.


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우리 모두의 이야기 #82년생김지영

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Do you think Suzy should be criticized for doing this?


  1. Jesus are we still stuck in the dark ages?! The netizens are extremely toxic and honestly the worst. Suzy did nothing wrong and she can show support to whoever she wants, it’s frankly none of anyone’s business. Netizens can suck it.

  2. being from new zealand everyone’s got an opinion but the rudest people here are the ones who try an impose their will on other people thru emotional blackmail or standover tactics so in my opinion she can read what ever the hell she wants she’s the idol who works hard and men over there Korea seriously need to get over themselves!


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