American Rapper Cupcakke Heavily Criticized For Making Fun Of Chungha’s Dancing

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American Rapper Cupcakke recent remarks about Chungha gained attention!

The American rapper recently shared a post regarding a video response to her Twitter; the fan response was a video of Chungha dancing, Cupcakke retweeted with the comment,

“THEY CAN NOT DANCE FOR S***! These the dances I do when I got to pee.”

Fans then started pointing out that the girl name was Chungha, to which she replied,

“Who? Chungha? Did I just chew on gum or step on it?”

As you’d expect, Kpop fans were less than thrilled to read her comments, this triggered many of them to reply back with comments criticizing her for her remarks asking her to apologize to Chungha, many also shared information that attests to Chungha’s great dancing skills.

In response to the criticism, she only deleted that response and didn’t provide any apology or further statement. Some even brought up previous instances in which she also make insulting remarks towards other artists such as Jay Park and Camilla Cabello.

What do you think of this?

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  1. Funny thing is I don’t even know who this woman issome people really don’t know talent when they see it. Americans basically do all the same moves that everyone knows while kpop is quite creative with their dances. So when they see such, they’re intimidated and also probably racist. Racist people will make fun of you whether you’re actually good or not

  2. Cupcakke literally left the industry a month ago so y’all are super late. Not defending her actions but as someone that actually followed her, she was saying all these controversial things as to bring attention to herself because she is suffering mentally. She didn’t mean any of it, all just a cry for help, she admitted this in her last Instagram live ever. not much before all of this she was sent to a hospital for suicidal thoughts. In the future I’d like to encourage everyone to try to look at both sides of the story, please. Don’t let your mind assume things, someone’s life could be at risk. Thank you.

  3. She has no right to criticized top idols such as Jay Park, Camila Cabello, etc. She also shouldn’t say Chungha’s dancing was bad. I’m pretty disgusted by her attitude. She shows no respect to other idols and she don’t even bother to apologize to Chungha. I love Chungha, she is an amazing dancer, not only that but she makes great songs and she is a really good singer.

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