[BREAKING] “Voice Korea” Singer Woo Hye Mi Found Deceased In Her Home


It’s been revealed that Singer Woo Hye Mi has been found dead in her home.

The singer made it to the quarterfinals in 2012’s ‘Voice Korea.’ She debuted in 2015, and only recently released her first mini-album back in August.

On September 22, it was reported that Woo Hye Mi acquaintances were unable to reach her for the past two days. Police arrived at her home on the night of September 21 to find that she had already passed away. The exact cause of death is still unknown.

Her label issued a statement to the press expressing their shock at her sudden passing,

“We’re in shock that she’s no longer with us.”

The label also added that she didn’t attend the meeting for her new single music video yesterday and that they tried to contact her to no avail.

Singer Woo Hye Mi promoted under the name Miwoo. She was 31 years old in Korean reckoning at the time of her passing.

Her funeral will be held at the Seoul Sacred Heart Hospital.

May her soul rest in peace.

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