SM Entertainment has released a statement in response to NCT Taeyong past bullying rumors!

NCT Taeyong has had his fair share of trouble in the past; the bullying rumors have surfaced again causing a lot of controversy.

On September 18, media outlet Wikitree reported that someone (referred to as ‘B’) is claiming to be a classmate of Taeyong from his second year of middle school; B claims that he witnessed him taking part in bullying of classmate (referred to A) that was carried out by a group of people.

Warning: mention of self-harm

‘B’ claims that Taeyong had not been the leader of the group but aided in the bullying of A. They went on to say, ‘one day, ‘A’ couldn’t take it anymore and threw a chair,’ adding, ‘during the next class, they harmed themselves by cutting their hands with a box cutter.”

Media outlet Wikitree additionally shared a conversation between B and another participant in the bullying of ‘A,’ who confirmed they remembered the incident.

The original community post also alleged that Taeyong made awful tasteless comments about people based on their looks; the post has since been removed by the person who posted it. Despite the removal the situation continued to get worse.

The controversy escalated when a former SM trainee even posted about it to his instastory, he says that he’s known him since he was a fellow trainee,

“Everything about this accusation is true. He has a shitty personality so stop defending him.”

The report by Wikitree went viral and was shared by various news outlets in Korea and overseas. Taeyong received an overwhelming amount critical comments, since then, SM issued a statement to clarify his side of the story.

In their statement they also refer to a previous incident when he apologized for conducting scams on online trading sites, Taeyong had apologized for that in the past as well.

SM states that they requested a confirmation from his family, such as his middle school student records in order to make sense of the situation. They state the records have no official mention of what’s being alleged and that there is also no record of disciplinary action, his parents also didn’t meet with his teacher regarding what’s being alleged.

SM didn’t flat out deny anything but argued that there are no official records on file.

SM added,

“Taeyong deeply regrets the way he behaved and said hurtful things while in middle school before he began to dream of being a singer, he has said that both while he was a trainee and after his debut that he apologized to everyone who was hurt.”

They end their statement emphasizing that Taeyong is still deeply reflecting on his past actions when he was younger and that he’ll lead his life in an upright manner.

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