Former iKON Member B.I will visit the police station next week!

On September 14, the Gyeonggi Southern Provincial Police Agency issued a statement confirming they plan to call in B.I. for questioning regarding the allegations of his marijuana use plus attempt to purchase the substance.

Not only this, but the police will also investigated Yang Hyun Suk to check whether he influenced he outcome of the investigation previously. This is in line with the previous announcement earlier this month; police stated they would be conducting their own investigation into this matter, separately from the prosecution.

Back in August of 2016, an informant stated that B.I. had attempted to purchase LSD. However, they later withdrew their testimony. When asked why they retracted their initial statement, the informant claimed that Yang Hyun Suk threatened and influenced them.

This was also reported to the Anti-Corruption and Civil Rights Commission on the suspicions of Yang Hyun Suk ties with the police.

A source from the police also stated,

“We can’t share details as this is an ongoing investigation, we’re currently setting a schedule with the informant, B.I., and others. We will make sure what they stated is factual after obtaining their testimony.”

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How do you feel about this?

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  1. i hope hanbin is well & healthy. i love him with my whole heart, he deserves the world. please be happy hanbin you have tons of people who will forever love & support you. you are such an angel that has made such a positive impact on many lives. your lyrics & music is the best so please don’t give up. your are such an adorable soul, you are such a good big brother, please be happy in the future because we will support you forever hanbin. i love you kim hanbin

  2. I will always support you. I will always wish for your safety and happiness. You are loved by all iKonics and we will always stand by you, as you have stood by us. Please, take care of yourself and keep safe. We are waiting for the day where you come back home to the boys and us, your iKon family. So much love for you, Kim Hanbin. ❤️

  3. Than what about that girl who was the one selling these drugs to idols/friends? Shouldn’t she be questioned more? Just because she’s rich and wealthy she can get away with things? Even during investigation she was able to leave the country.

  4. Hanbin MUST come back… I really believe that he is innocent no matter what people say, I am not a diehard fan of ikon but I really love them as a band and Hanbin talent is overwhelming being that said,it doesn’t make any sense him leaving the band.
    I don’t know why but something inside me just know that he is innocent. And I trust my instinct.
    Also, all those ikonics putting their heart and soul and fighting for his return means something..they know too..they know who he is..they know he is innocent..IKON and IKONICS need hanbin. The end.


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