Ku Hye Sun Denies She Agreed To Get A Divorce, Release Screenshot Of Heartbreaking Message She Sent To Ahn Jae Hyun


Things are not calming down!

On August 18, Ku Hye Sun posted a shocking Instagram post telling the world that Ahn Jae Hyun wanted to get a divorce while she didn’t; she said she wanted to protect her family.

She later followed that with screenshots of their conversations, the conversations don’t portray Ahn Jae Hyun nicely, she was asking him to tell her mother in person that they’re getting a divorce but he refused and said he had work to do, he also said the meeting would be meaningless.

A couple of hours went by before their agency HB Entertainment released an official statement, in their statement they claim the couple had ‘serious conversation’ and had agreed to get a divorce, they even released a copy of the draft press-release that was supposed to be sent to news outlets as well.

However, Ku Hye Sun seems to have not agreed with the agency statement, she has returned with a new Instagram post (that has since been deleted) to explain her stance. She captioned,

“Yesterday, I was in a hurry to upload what I did since I expected an official statement would be released today. Though we were in the process of talking about a divorce, we had not signed or agreed on a final decision yet.

The official statement was made without consulting me; I wish to protect my family.”

In the Instagram post, she shared a screenshot of a long message she sent to Ahn Jae Hyun, and in short, again, it doesn’t portray him in a positive light. The messages say:

“It says you’re on another call. Call me back.” that was at 1:40 a.m. KST.

The longer message was sent at 2:02 a.m. KST. Here is the translation:

“It says your line is still busy at this hour. I met and spoke to the board of director today and was told you told the CEO that I had read KakaoTalk messages of you and the CEO badmouthing me, and that the faith I had in our marriage and agency has been damaged.

I don’t think its right for the agency to handle our divorce. They stated that if I want it, they can terminate my contract and I think it’s right for me to leave the agency.

I know that once I leave, rumors about a divorce would begin so I am willing to get a divorce immediately, as you wanted.

But if I leave the agency and we get a divorce. I will have no work so please send me the balance of our Yongin house, and let’s write down these promises with our lawyers and go through the process.

The reasons are the same as before. Your heart changed. A Loss of trust, and I will accept those facts. Speak the truth. and send the balance.”

Fans are left feeling even more conflicted as her statement contradicts the agency statement in some parts. HB Entertainment has not released a response to this as of yet. Ahn Jae Hyun also remains silent on the matter.

Here is the screenshot of the messages:

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