Ahn Jae Hyun Threatens To Expose Kakaotalk Messages, Ku Hye Sun Calls Him ‘Traitor’ In Attempt To Debunk His Attempt


The saga between Ahn Jae Hyun and Ku Hye Sun continues to escalate!

After yesterday’s very public quarrel that ended in netizens favoring Ku Hye Sun (for the most part), Ahn Jae Hyun seems to be bitter about that. An acquaintance of Ahn Jae Hyun told Sports Chosun that the actor feels ‘very wronged by Ku Hye Sun disclosures,’ and plans on revealing the complete Kakaotalk messages shared between them both.

It is estimated the acquaintance is talking about the same messages Ku Hye Sun had previously revealed last Sunday when she exposed that her husband wants a divorce and that he was badmouthing her with the CEO of their agency behind her back.

The acquaintance says it will likely be out this week and that Ahn Jae Hyun is consulting his legal representative on this matter.

The news, as you’d expect, went viral and their agency was contacted. Unlike last time, HB Entertainment says they won’t say anything about this and will not say anything about the couple’s divorce. They suffered severe public backlash due to Ku Hye Sun’s accusations and are currently preparing legal action against the slander of the couple and the female CEO.

As soon as the news of what Ahn Jae Hyun plans on doing came out, Ku Hye Sun responded quickly. She stated in (a since-deleted Instagram post),

“I don’t use KakaoTalk~ Don’t make useless preparations. Traitor.”

Last night, Ahn Jae Hyun revealed his personal side of the story and accused his wife of trespassing; he also revealed that he was struggling with depression during their marriage among many other claims.

Soon, all of his statements were rebutted by Ku Hye Sun who went on to explain what happened with the trespassing, on top of that she revealed that he asked for a divorce because she wasn’t ‘sexy enough or had sexy nipples.’

What do you think of this?

3 thoughts on “Ahn Jae Hyun Threatens To Expose Kakaotalk Messages, Ku Hye Sun Calls Him ‘Traitor’ In Attempt To Debunk His Attempt”

  1. Bullshit! Why would he ask for a divorce now just because she has un-sexy nipples?!? There is a back story to this and she is loosing her shit. Like why is it that the guys are getting the hate because of the divorce but not the girls?!? Like what?!? They both are responsible, yet people are saying that he’s a jerk and rude for filling a divorce. You guys did not live with them so you don’t know what he also went through or she went through. Like why you people care that much that they got a divorce?!? It’s what they want, even if she first want to, he doesn’t have to force himself to stay with her. I feel that since she did a shitty move and posted their personal conversation in social media then he should too. And she could be lying saying she doesn’t use that app or he could be lying. People have to just blow things out of proportion!!

  2. @Sam are u a woman or a man? Just curious..
    I believe in every relationship, both parties are responsible for their failure..but as far as i know, although both gender should receive respect, women should be treated like a breakable glass..
    He should be man enough to personally talk to KHS or lawyerS to settle things between them. He should not threaten anyone to post in revenge or WHATSOEVER..not unless he’s rude..
    Most of the time Women talk a lot of the incidence and Men don’t.. soooo…..

  3. For me, we should listen to both parties but for now we shouldn’t side with either of them because 1st of all none of their evidences are proven true. Do you know whether Jae hyun really said that she has unsexy nipples or what Jae hyun said about denying that he isn’t having an affair to relieve stress? For now, I think both of them should be held liable and responsible for their own actions. Why do you think Hye sun is so defensive or why Jae hyun is always in denial? For now we don’t have the right to give the final judgement as we don’t know which of them is telling the truth or none of them is telling the truth. Just saying, it’s just an opinion.


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