Yeo Jin Goo Sends A Generous Gift To BTS Jungkook

Child-turned-adult actor Yeo Jin Goo has surprised BTS Jungkook with a generous gift he sent to Busan for BTS’s fan meeting.

BTS Jungkook showed off the food truck to the group’s official Twitter account, he shared photos of the food truck and captioned,

“How did you know I like hot dogs? Thank you, I really enjoyed it.”

Yeo Jin Goo had previously talked about his friendship with BTS Jungkook, they’re both born in 1997 and are known for being good friends.

Yeo Jin Goo is currently busy filming for his upcoming drama alongside IU. Fans are praising the actor for finding time to send the gift despite his extremely hectic schedule all the way to Busan.

Check out the photos below:

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