How Does GOT7 Feel About Contract Renewals? Will They Renew Once Their Contracts Expire In 2021?


Contracts renewals are something every Kpop fan dreads and GOT7 is fast approaching their 7th year, they’re 5 years old now as a group and their contracts are set to expire some time in 2021 however, the exact date is unknown.

This also means that they’ll probably begin negotiating their contracts next year.

GOT7 came back with their new mini album and the title track “ECLIPSE.” They participated in an interview ahead of their comeback to discuss many subjects and the topic of contract renewals naturally came up.

It is a well-known fact that many idol groups disband once their 7th year comes but thankfully JB has a response that made relieved fans hearts.

JB said,

“Its true that we don’t have much time left [on our contracts], but we will always have the same opinion. We’ll keep going as seven members.”

Jinyoung added,

“They call it the 7-year curse but times have changed. There are many seniors who have surpassed the 7 year mark. Since we’re close with seniors who promoted for a long time together, we never thought once that we will go our separate ways once the 7 years are up.”

JB then added,

“I think that the seven of us realize we cannot completely promote individually without each other. That’s why we’re going to protect GOT7.”

So there you have it guys, GOT7 are not going anywhere any time soon.

Are you happy about this?

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My Personal Thoughts

I used to follow GOT7 closely as entertainers and what I mean by that is that I fell in love with their personalities and used to watch their shows, I still don’t like their musical direction because it doesn’t suit my taste but I love them as human beings.

Since I’ve become busier as I grew older I became distant from many of my fav groups so now instead of daily following, I only follow the music or the most important updates which meant I stopped following GOT7 as much as I used to because I only consumed content like their variety show appearances and reality shows.

What I mean by all what I’ve said is that I felt that I’ve gotten to know GOT7 members enough to know back that they really care for each other. I can sense GOT7 are close to each other and transparent, you can tell from the way they talk to and about each other.

This means I was kinda anticipating that they were going to renew their contracts or continue to be together even if one chose a different agency.

We have less than two years left with their contracts but I bet the boys aren’t giving up on GOT7. I believe they were able to last this long despite stiff competition because they deeply care about each other.


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