How Ailee’s Cheating Boyfriend Affected Her Other Relationship

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Singer Ailee revealed a sad story about how a once cheating ex-boyfriend affected her future relationship.

Ailee was one of the guests on May 14 episode of “Video Star.” MC Kim Sook asked,

“I heard there was a song Ailee sang thinking of her ex-boyfriend who cheated on her.”

Ailee explained the story, she said,

“I did not sing it thinking of the person who cheated on me, I sang it thinking about the person I felt the most apologetic to among all the people I’ve dated.

I didn’t treat him well. I found that I couldn’t give me all because my ex-boyfriend had cheated on me so I drew a line between us.”

She also explained what happened and how she found out about her cheating ex-boyfriend, she said,

“I witnessed him cheating on me. On his birthday, I told him I wasn’t able to make it to his party because of school work, but I secretly came.

I came in like a surprise and the people there scattered like cockroaches. I saw my boyfriend having skinship with another woman. I was so shocked I couldn’t say anything.

He told me that it was a misunderstanding, but I clearly saw it.

I went home crying. My 2016 song ‘If You’ is a message to the person I didn’t treat well because of that memory.

There are lyrics in the song that goes ‘if you, if my love was 100, if I didn’t leave half of it remaining.”

Ailee then shocked the MCs after she was asked to give a message to her ex-boyfriend, she said they made up and became friends instead.

Ailee sure is one cool woman; we hope that the poor boyfriend who she couldn’t give 100% to forgave her.

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