TWICE Sana Heavily Criticized By Netizens For Her Post About The Current Japanese Imperial Era


TWICE Sana is in hot waters for something she posted to TWICE’s official Instagram account.

April 30, 2019, is the last day of the current Japanese imperial era with Emperor Akihito, he has given up on his throne after 30 years and 3 months, he will step down so his son takes his position.

What makes this even more special for Japanese people is that usually, the position is given for the next in line when the current emperor passes away but Akihito decided to give up the throne and his son ‘will ascend to the Japanese throne on May 1’ according to CNN.

TWICE Sana, a Japanese member of the popular girl group, expressed her feelings about the end of the Heisei era.

In her post, she expressed that she’s sad the Heisei era is coming to an end considering the fact that she was someone who was born in that era. She also says she’s going to face a new era and complete the last day of Heisei era neatly. She also thanked Heisei.

The relationship between South Korea and Japan is tense due to many reasons (I would recommend you read up on the subject to get a clear idea of why is that, news outlets in the political realm will explain it well).

However, Korean netizens were less than pleased with what Sana wrote, a lot of netizens heavily criticized her post and called her out for writing that post to TWICE official group account.

Many asked of Sana to be more cautious expressing her political views or talking about it since she’s promoting in South Korea.

Netizens left comments such as, “Rude,” “you shouldn’t have done this,” “TWICE didn’t post anything at all during Korea’s Independence Day. Why is she posting that in all Japanese?”

What do you think of this?

My Personal Thoughts

Listen guys; before you jump to conclusions and bash supporters or haters or netizens let me just say this one thing.

I will not go into much depth about my own thoughts on her post specifically because I don’t feel I am in the position to say much since I am not Japanese/Korean and not knowledgeable (in both sides POV) enough to express my thoughts here.

However, I would like you to understand that the reason this post caused an issue is because of the tense relationship between South Korea and Japan. I read on comfort women tragedy and understand (to a degree) what South Koreans think of Japan and why they think that way.

You might say ‘why is she getting hate for talking politics?’ but generally speaking netizens don’t like it when idols get political or talk politics, at least this is what I perceived being a kpop fan for a long time.

A lot of idols have landed in hot water because they expressed their opinions or dedicated post or said something relating to politics before.

So before you criticize I hope you realize this is a very sensitive topic. Now whether you think she has the right to do so or not is your own and I would like to read that so let me know in the comment section what you think.


  1. I don’t think her post has anything to do with the politics. Every Japanese celebrate the new era, just like celebrating new year. It’s just about changing the emperor. And the emperor has nothing to do with the wars. Even the emperor during the wars had never given command to kill anyone or invade any country. Sorry for my poor English.

  2. I just want to say one thing: everybody can talk with the liberty and I didn’t see anything wrong with her speech. She grew up in an era and she just feel sad about the end of it. It’s not about politics just emotional. It may be have tensions or whatever she didn’t take parts for one or another. It’s just my feelings but I’m very sad for her and for everybody who can be able to give some opinion in Korea or even in the entire world.

  3. I don’t see anything wrong about what Sana Posted. It’s just that people are over reacting or maybe insecure because of her being successful. We can’t please people but please think before you click if you are in the position to give critics. Just analyze and understood the post before commenting. You might hurting someones feeling. She doesn’t deserved to be hatred because she doesn’t do anything. People now a days are being idiots.

    • I’m from the Philippines and I’d say we were abused just as hard if not worse than Koreans. I don’t think the WW2 crimes were even apologized for, let alone acknowledged. But that was then. Now it’s pretty safe to say a huuuge chunk of Filipinos just love, love, LOVE Japanese culture. I don’t get what’s with Korea still being so uptight against Korea.

    • I’m Chinese and Japan massacred and raped entire cities during WW2 in China as well. The reason why Korea and China and other countries are still so against Japan is because Japan up to this date in 2019 still has denied the atrocities it has committed (Nanjing Massacre, Bataan Death March, Korean sex slaves, etc). Meaning that Japan says that they claim no responsibility for what they have done, refuses to apologize or provide compensation. Given that these atrocities were committed only 70 years ago and Japan’s attitude, lot’s of people are still pissed. Like it was so recent that people still have grandparents who were sex slaves or saw their entire village get murdered.

  4. Its 70 years ago dude. Even today japan gov is not like old one. They are new.. stop bitching around and stop spread hate. Ancestor crimes isnt their childs fault.


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