MAMAMOO Hwasa is being criticized again by some netizens for her looks.

MAMAMOO was captured by reporters lenses at the airport returning from their Mamamoo Asia Fan Meeting in Singapore ‘”HELLO! MOOMOO” which was held on April 28.

Fans and reporters were there to take photos of the girls, Hwasa again drew attention with her natural look, she wore a mask and smiled at the cameras.

However, some netiznes were not pleased with the way she looked and had some pretty harsh words to write on articles that shared photos of her.

On an article written by Newsen, some netizens wrote nasty comments, here is a translation of some of the top comments:

“Looks like a member of a Japanese biker gang.”

“buying eyes that haven’t seen this.”

“I’d believe it if you told me this was a man dressed like a woman.”

“The mask is doing a big job.”

“I’m grateful she’s at least wearing a mask.”

“Please wear makeup.”

“The ugliest idol I have ever seen.”

“The fact that articles are still being written about her is amazing.”

“With that face how could she have thought of becoming a celebrity?”

“Seriously, do you think that’s pretty?”

International fans, on the other hand, jumped to defend Hwasa again from haters. She had always received harsh comments about her looks because she doesn’t fit Korean beauty standards.

Here is a video of their arrival:

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