On March 31st, EXO Chanyeol and D.O. returned from a trip to Japan, however, they were greeted by sasaengs who made it difficult to pass through the airport without causing a ruckus.

The two idols had flown to Japan on what seems to be a private getaway and not an official schedule. However, some sasaengs found out about their return date and flocked the airport to see a glimpse of them.

For some reason, the attention was focused on Chanyeol who was mobbed by fans while trying to exit the airport, on the other hand, D.O. went completely unnoticed by fans, he walked right past them and no one suspected a thing.

The clip of D.O. slipping sasaengs attention has gone viral; EXO-Ls have mixed reactions. On one hand, they’re giggling about how D.O. was able to miraculously pass the crowd while Chanyeol couldn’t; on the other hand, EXO-Ls criticized the people who showed up at the airport and crowded them.

See the clip below:

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