Another Kpop Group Falls Victim To The 7-Years-Curse, A-JAX Announces Disbandment


DSP Media has announced A-JAX are disbanding seven years after their debut.

They released an official statement to the group’s fan café announcing the unfortunate news.

In their statement, they explain the group contract has expired on March 31st. They have chosen to go down separate paths in the entertainment industry.

A-JAX was DSP Media only boy group, they had first debuted in 2012 with “ONE 4U.” The group failed to capture the public’s attention in Korea and focused on promoting overseas (mainly in Japan).

Their last release as a group was back in 2013. Some A-JAX members had also featured in the survival show “The Unit.” One former member appeared on “MIXNINE” as well.

Wishing A-JAX all the best!

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