YG Entertainment Responds To Report That Accuses Seungri Of Finding Prostitutes for Investors   

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Earlier today an exclusive report by SBS FunE revealed alleged text messages convo between Seungri, a singer with the initials C, his business partner, and an employee. The alleged text messages were about providing prostitutes to investors.

The alleged text message convo happened in a chat room back in 2015.

The report went viral and was shared across social media sites. At first, YG Entertainment didn’t release a response to the report released by SBS FunE.

YG Entertainment has now returned with an official statement, in their statement, they refuted the SBS FunE report and promised strict legal action against spreading of rumors and false news.

Here is the full statement:

“Hello, this is YG Entertainment.

We’re here to announce our official statement regarding the reports about Seungri that were released today.

After confirming with Seungri, we found out that the report in question contains fabricated text messages and is not true.

In addition, we would like to remind you that YG will continue to take strict legal action against the distribution and/or reproduction or rumors including fake news.”

What do you think of this?

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  1. Accusations = convictions it seems. The moment this news got out seungri was immediately targeted again. I’m not saying to believe he didn’t do it. I’m saying to wait until the evidence is out. Also, people need to stop believing in the idea that YG bribes the police. It’s a double edged sword for seungri. If he’s going guilty he goes to jail, if he is cleared off all accusations then YG paid the police. It’s like the witch trials out here. We just gonna ignore the fact that there are people who just want him to suffer? Look at what happened to Tablo.

    1. I understand what you mean however the SBS report is done by a reporter that is very reliable, she was the one who reported on goo hara and defended her, she was also the first who reported on Microdot parents and so many other exclusive stories so the Korean public doesn’t believe she would just start such fuzz and risk losing her job and everything else if its false. We must wait until the police investigation is done but its gonna be a difficult ride.

  2. “Confirming with Seungri”
    You do not confirm sonething with the accused person. This is obviously just a way of saying something to chill the stans

  3. First off it was confirmed that around this time Seungri was touring with BIGBANG during their made concert. I’m pretty sure though dont quote me on this that he was performing in concert so idk. This whole thing smells fishy and just seems like a smearing raid to bring down bigbang AGAIN.

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