Kim Bo Ra Personally Apologizes To Fans Following Dating Confirmation With Jo Byeong Gyu


Actress Kim Bo Ra has spoken up about her relationship with Jo Byeong Gyu, the actors’ agencies previously confirmed the two started dating at the beginning of February.

Here is the full statement she wrote to her fan café:

“Hello, this is Kim Bo Ra.

I saw the reports after I received a phone call from my agency’s director. As soon as I saw them, I had no idea how to tell my story to my fans.

I feel sorry for the fans who have been supporting me for the past 15 years.

We became close friends through the drama, after it ended we kept contacting each other and we started meeting in early February because we developed feelings for each other.

While I have a lot of thoughts on it, I want to thank you guys for your support after the news broke out today. Thank you for supporting us, and I am very sorry for surprising you.

I will continue to work hard so my fans can smile more. Thank you for reading my long message!”

There has been a couple of angry comments by netizens on the dating articles confirming the two were dating, that was because the two had previously denied they were dating in an appearance on Korean television.

Despite that, a lot of netizens are supporting the couple and showing their enthuasiam about the dating news.

What do you think of her statement?

My Thoughts

I watched “SKY castle” and I honestly wasn’t keeping up with their interviews after the drama concluded. Today I found out the two had something going on between them and there were rumors, I honestly didn’t know that!

I saw about 70-80% good comments on various Korean articles reporting the dating news, some were not happy because the two denied it on TV but again, I wouldn’t have expected them to confirm it while on TV.

Also, it could be that they weren’t so sure of what their relationship was as well, at the time. It’s their lives after all, you don’t expect them to care deeply about what every netizen says.

However, it seems that through their Instagram and dating photos published by The Fact, the two were open about it, no masks, public display of affection. I like that, they seem to be so in love with each other and can’t hide it. I support this and wish more idols and actors to happily date without crazy ‘fans’ getting upset.

I wish them all the best! They look so cute together~


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