How Did CLC Feel When They Learned “La Vie En Rose” Was Given To IZ*ONE?

Back when IZ*ONE debuted with their hit title track “La Vie En Rose,” many CLC fans were upset.

A video of CLC vocals for “La Vie En Rose” spread online and made its way to YouTube. The video was of dancers showing the choreography of the song not CLC themselves but the backup vocals were those of CLC.

Fans knew that CLC had been preparing for a comeback and had even started teasing with roses back in May 2018, suddenly the teasing stopped and it just dropped off of the face of the earth.

Turns out it was because “La Vie En Rose” was passed to IZ*ONE.

The song was written, composed and produced by the MosPick Music, a Producing Group from Cube Entertainment.

Fans of CLC felt extremely sorry for the underrated girl group and their hard work that went into the track which ended up at the hands of another group. Fans didn’t point the blame at IZ*ONE since its not the girls’ fault but sought out an explanation from the agency themselves.

On January 30, CLC finally came back with their 8th mini album “No. 1.”

During the press conference, they were asked about the song and how they felt when they found out the song was given to IZ*ONE.

Yeeun answered,

“’La Vie En Rose’ was a track we had finished recording. We were taken back when we found out later, but its common in the music industry, it’s a bit regrettable but we weren’t sad.

I think the track met better owners. Thanks to that, we were able to meet the great track ‘No.’”

What do you think of this?

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My Thoughts

It seems that the girls were truly not aware of the track until it was broadcasted to the world, that’s sad!

Back then it felt that some fans were being a bit too harsh but considering Cube Entertainment record, I couldn’t really blame them.

CLC has been around for a while but they don’t have a strong following, this is their 8th mini album, fans must’ve felt sad for the girls since they obviously worked hard on the song before it was passed to another group.

Of course, IZ*ONE is not to blame since it was a managerial decision. Also, from a business point of view, the company can choose not to tell the girls, the song wasn’t written by them and the company gets to do whatever it wants with its property.

It might be mean but its not that unusual in the Kpop industry like Yeeun said.


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