Things are about to become interesting!

On December 31st, Lee Kwang Soo confirmed he was dating Lee Sun Bin through an official statement. The news made fans happy for Lee Kwang Soo who finally found a girlfriend who likes him.

Lee Sun Bin had previously made various appearances on many shows including “Running Man” in which she referred to Lee Kwang Soo as her ideal type.

And it seems that “Running Man” cast and PD won’t let go of this juicy story without doing something about it.

On January 7, PD Lee Hwan Jin posted an intriguing photo of what appears to be a press conference where all the “Running Man” members are gathered, you can clearly see that Lee Kwang Soo is the center of the table.

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PD Lee Hwan Jin captioned the photo with,

“Its going to be out of control this week.

Those who don’t miss it out are winners.”

The photo piqued fans interest. Lee Kwang Soo is the center of attention and it seems that all eyes are on him; this is the first recording following the dating news.

Who’s excited?


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이번주 난리납니다. #역대급 #기자회견 #ㅋㅋㅋ #본방사수 한 사람이 #위너

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