Former Sechskies Member Kang Sung Hoon Married His Fanclub Moderator, Shocking Report Reveals

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Former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon is revealed to be in common-law marriage with his fan club Hoony World moderator!

On January 30, MBC’s “True Story Exploration Party” broke the news, they dug deep into the controversy surrounding the former Sechskies member and what they found shocked his fans.

The brother of fan club Hoony World moderator appeared on the show and shared his side of the story, he revealed the fan club was registered under his name but run by his younger sister and Kang Sung Hoon.

He revealed that his younger sister and Kang Sung Hoon are under married under common law, he added,

“Hoony world has no employees. Kang Sung Hoon is the head and my sister makes the plans, they share the profits with each other.”

If you’re wondering what does  ‘married under common law’ means, its basically what a marriage means but its not legally registered.

The brother also revealed that the club has accumulated more than 20 million Won (around $18,000) in debt, he added,

“I have become in bad credit terms since my name is registered to the fan club. Kang Sung Hoon has not contacted me to reimburse me and my sister asked me to wait, she has already broken her promise three times. I can’t get in contact with them. I thought the two have no willingness for settlement so I thought I should reveal this.”

The former Sechskies member Kang Sung Hoon had been embroiled in numerous controversies back in late 2018, he had issues with his cancelled fan meeting in Taiwan, fans reported that the tickets money had not been refunded properly. The company that arranged the fan meeting has filed an international lawsuit against Kang Sung Hoon.

He also received donations from fans in the name of his fan club for Sechskies’ 20th debut anniversary and it was supposed to be donated to those in need, however the fan club management is being accused of embezzling the profits.

It was also revealed that Kang Sung Hoon knew this report through MBC was going to come out and he tried to request for the court to ban the broadcast on the basis of it being defamation. However, the 21st civil affairs department of the Seoul Western District Court rejected the charges and the episode has aired revealing this shocking information.

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