Wanna One Members Individual Earnings Of Their Promotion Surpass The 1 Billion Won


Ever wondered just how much each Wanna One will end up getting from their short but impactful promotional time together?

Wonder no more, Sports Seoul, a media outlet, has published an exclusive report laying out the possible earnings made by the group as a whole revealing just how much each member gets out of it.

According to the report, by the end of 2018, the group is estimated to have made at least 80 billion won (approx. $71 million), after taxation, the net income is expected to be around 44 billion won ($39 million).

The earnings are split like this: CJ E&M will take 25%, Swings Entertainment takes another 25%, while each members’ agency will walk away with the remaining 50%.

This means that we’re left with 22 billion won ($19.5 million), how each member will end splitting the earnings with his label differs, its case-based scenario. Most Wanna One members have a 50:50 contract with their labels, but there are also some members who have a 60:40 contract.

For a Wanna One member who has a 50:50 contract, he will end up walking away with about 1 billion won ($890,471). However, these earnings are based on the whole group’s promotions together, meaning for members who scored individual CF deals, they will also end up with money from those as well.

Kang Daniel is estimated to have made 300 million won ($267,142) for a 3-month endorsement contract and 1 billion won ($890,471) for a 12-month endorsement contract. This is why he’s likely the Wanna One with the most earnings.

It’s also a different case with member Kim Jae Hwan, who at the time of joining Produce 101 season 2, was a free-agent, its expected that he won’t have to split the money with an agency so he walks away with around $2 million.

The happy news for the members doesn’t end there, even after their disbandment they money is still expected to roll in, its estimated they can reach over 80 million in revenue next year even after they disband on December 31st.

Wanna One is one the most successful Kpop groups of 2018, they were also extremely active throughout their promotional period, their music was also extremely successful, which is why many are calling their disbandment a shame since they’re all so amazing and talented.

The boys will say goodbye to their fans through one last concert that will be held from January 24 to January 27 at the Gocheok Sky Dome in Seoul.

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