Sasaeng Fans, Allegedly Of Wanna One, Cause Disturbance Forcing 360 Passengers Off An Airplane

In today’s shocking news, we have more sasaengs (obsessive-so-called-fans) to talk about!

According to The Korea Times, a flight from Hong Kong on December 15 to Seoul was forced to board off the plane because of three Kpop fans who are rumored to be fans of Wanna One.

The fans bought tickets just to see the idols and get super close to them. Wanna One were one of the many Kpop groups traveling back to Seoul after 2018 MAMA on December 14. The Sasaengs are in their 20s, according to sources, they abruptly asked to leave the plane right before takeoff.

Reports are also stating that the Sasaengs crowded the airplane and tried to get super close to the Wanna One members as soon as they got on board despite the flight attendants’ constant warnings.

Due to their stubbornness, they wanted to get off the plane and as a result, the entire flight with 360 passengers had to deplane again and reboard the flight causing serious delay.

This happened because according to aviation law, in case any passenger leaves the flight right before the takeoff, the entire plane has to deplane and go through security checks all over again.

They demanded to leave and also demanded a refund which they were granted, Korean Air, the flight company, had to also compensate the passengers on board.

As for consequences of their actions and the delay it caused the passengers there doesn’t seem to be any, however, Korean Air did ask for an investigation from Hong Kong police.

According to The Korea Times, Hong Kong police refused because nobody on the plane reported any damage.

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