FTISLAND Lee Hongki Under Fire For Telling AOA’s Seolhyun To Gain Weight After Suddenly Collapsing On Stage

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FTISLAND Lee Hongki commented on AOA’s Seolhyun recent Instagram post and some people weren’t happy with what he said!

On December 15, AOA’s Seolhyun suddenly fainted on stage following a performance, fans noticed she was visibly ill and she barely held on, she was escorted off stage by staff members.

In response, FNC Entertainment first released a statement explaining it had to do with the smoke and gunpowder used on stage but after the doctor’s official diagnosis they explained she was suffering from mild cold symptoms which led to hyperventilation.

Netizens were extremely concerned for AOA’s Seolhyun, to assure her fans she took to Instagram to explain her condition wasn’t that good, she explained she will make sure to dress warmly in the future and take better care of herself, she also apologized for causing worry to everyone.


Lee Hongki (her labelmate and good friend) commented on the Instagram post she wrote, he wrote back,

“Being healthy is best. Try to gain weight like me.”

Some netizens didn’t feel his comment was appropriate given the situation, some say it sounded like he was blaming her, while others took to his defense writing comments such as,

“What’s so controversial about that?? Seems like he’s just speaking to her as a peer.”

“why is this controversial? Isn’t he worrying about her?

“He’s right, though, why is this controversial? You have to eat well and gain weight to boost your immunity and prevent fainting or getting dizzy on stage. Sometimes it’s always the media that pits fights.”

What do you think of this?

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  1. A little weight gain wouldnt hurt or even kill.. It’s a shame that some fans contribute to this problem. They criticize their idol to be fat when in reality, eVerything is just normal.. These are people not commodities.

  2. Same as you. I read it as a joke, like he saying he is hubby and she should be like him, but of course probably people where mad because with that comment he broke the drama, theyr where up there with the sad feelings and wanted the next person to follow it, such stupid thing, since a joke from a friend cheers you up more than making them worry about yourself. :V

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