2018 MAMA premiere in Korea aired on December 10 and as expected, many fans had issues with awards given out to artists which started another conversation whether 2018 MAMA favors some artists to others.

Specifically speaking, (G)I-DLE fandom Neverlands weren’t happy when the group didn’t end up winning “Best New Female Artist,” they were one of the biggest and strongest rookies out this year, they earned recognition in South Korea and overseas since their debut.

“Best New Female Artist” was given to IZ*ONE, who at the time of the award announcement hadn’t even reached the 10 days old, they debuted late this year.

On online voting platform for 2018 MAMA, (G)I-DLE took first place with a whopping 50%, while IZ*ONE gained slightly over 17.5%.

However, a lot of things take into count when determining each winner of each category in 2018 MAMA including the albums sales, MV views and expert evaluation. Despite that, many people still think (G)I-DLE should have taken home the award that night.


In response to the backlash, a representative from MAMA released an official statement assuring that the award show has no manipulation or unfair system and explained why IZ*ONE took home the award that night.

According to the representative, IZ*ONE didn’t win the online votes but had great album sales while (G)I-DLE fell back with that category.

(G)I-DLE took home “Best Of Next” award.

What do you think of this?


  1. Fan vote count only a small portion of the criteria. So even if a group wins the fan/online vote, no guarantee they’d win. Same thing happened to Chungha last year. Obviously, IZ*ONE led/won the other criteria. I to, was rooting for (G)I-DLE to win ROY at MAMA until I saw/heard IZ*ONE’s debut MV and concert.


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