IZ*ONE is the new debuted girl group created by a collaboration between Mnet and AKB48.

Shortly after their debut, someone filed a petition to the blue house to ban the group from appearing on KBS’s “Music Bank” citing their alleged relation to the Japanese right-wing movement claiming they supported it.

On November 23, “Music Bank” staff responded to that petition through a formal statement in which they confirmed they had reviewed the petition, they explained they have their own review board which overseas many things such as the broadcast content, the regulations of performer and also reviews the songs that air on TV.

They added that in case of a person who causes social controversy, a meeting is held and the panel decides if their appearance on the show gets suspended or not.

Regarding IZ*ONE, they said,

“In the case for the group IZ*ONE, there was no guidance on casting or regulation through the review board. In the case of broadcasted music, all the songs except “You’re in love, right?” (IZ*ONE ver) which was written in Japanese is considered appropriate for broadcast.”

They added that IZ*ONE are also not on the list of “Restricted Broadcasters” which is also created by the review board, they added,

“We don’t think its right for the program’s staff to judge or restrict a guest’s appearance without any regulatory basis or guidelines for the song or the guest.”

They explained this was why IZ*ONE appearance in the future will only be affected if clear evidence that attaches the right-wing promotions are found indeed, in such case KBS will follow suit and restrict their appearance.

What do you think of this?

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