IZ*ONE Member Tells A Heartbreaking Story About Suffering From Cancer While She Was A Little Child

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IZ*ONE member Choi Ye Na shocked fans when she opened up about suffering from lymphoma as a child.

During November 15 episode of Mnet’s “IZ*ONE CHU,” Choi Ye Na brought her parents’ kimbap she made herself in a lunch box.

The show explains why she had done that and how it relates to the time she suffered from lymphoma as a child.

She was asked what she wanted to do the most and she said she wanted to send her parents on a honeymoon, she explained herself,

“When I was young, I had lymphoma (cancer that affects the lymphatic system). I was extremely sick to the point that the hospital told us there was no hope. My parents weren’t well off so they went every early morning to sell kimbap to pay for the hospital bills.”

During the dinner scene, her father asked her if he remembered what it meant, she answered,

“Of course. How could I forget that?”

Her mother realized why she had brought kimbap she made herself, she turned away to wipe her tears, her father took a big bite and said,

“Of the kimbap I have had my entire life; this moves not only my heart but my taste buds.

I really thought that you wouldn’t remember, but seeing that you brought the kimbap because of that, I am so touched. Just the fact that you’ve grown up to be a healthy bright human is a huge gift to us.”

Her father then jokingly added that it tasted good but she needed to practice a couple of more times.

We’re glad that she was able to achieve her dream and become an idol despite her past childhood sickness.

So happy to see that IZ*ONE are now a huge success! Fighting Yena!

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