EXO’s Staff Accidentally Confuses NCT 127 With EXO In Congratulatory achievements Angering EXO-Ls


In what’s angering Kpop fandoms today, we have EXO and their staff in the news!

A social media manager of SM Entertainment is under fire for posting the wrong picture when congratulating EXO on their recent achievements.

EXO are celebrating achievements in Hanteo Chart and United World Chart with their recent release “Don’t Mess Up with My Tempo.” The staff member apparently screwed up when congratulating the group on its achievements by posting a photo of NCT 127 instead.

The photo of NCT 127 was that of their upcoming comeback. They are set to come back with “NCT #127 Regulate,” a repackaged album of “NCT #127 Regular-Irregular.” It will be released on November 27.


While the mistake might be funny to some, to others its rather annoying. EXO’s twitter account has more than 4 million followers, fans are complaining about the person who manages the account since this isn’t the first time she/he post the wrong photo of another SM artist.

The post has even stayed up for a while before the staff took it down and replaced it with the right photo, EXO-Ls had mixed reactions when the right photo was uploaded and posted screenshots of the original mistake as a reminder to the account manager.

In March earlier this year, the account uploaded a post about TVXQ instead of EXO which adds to fury of EXO-Ls at the moment.


How do you personally feel about this?

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